Besides of sustained developing in traditional power generation business,  DEC also lays great emphasis on the renewable energy and contributing to environmental conservation, After several years striving in this field, DEC becomes one of the leading companies in renewable energy field.  

With our strong capability in manufacturing and  project contracting, DEC can provide comprehensive resolution for renewable energy project.  

The annual manufacturing capacity of DEC Hydro has reached over 10,000MW, and the product line covers all types of hydro units ranging from 1MW to 1000MW. The hydro generating units supplied by DEC have been in operation in more than twenty countries. As one of the major equipment suppliers for Three Georges Hydropower Project, DEC Hydro expects a more prosperous future.

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DEC WIND: Top 3 WTG manufacturer in China. Two Main manufacture bases covering Double Feed WTG and Permanent Mangetic Direct Dirve WTG resepetively.WTG sets with unit capacity covering 1.0MW, 1.5MW, 2.0MW, 2.5MW, 3.0MW, 5.0MW, 5.5MW which are suitable for different wind conditions and climate requirements. The annual production capacity has reached 3500 sets. DEC can supply the whole solution to the wind source evaluation, micro-sitting, WTG type verification, project construction, financing, etc..

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 DEC has already built its own production line for solar polysilicon, solar cell, solar module, inverter, and other solar power generation equipment. Currently, the annual production of polycrystalline silicon is up to 2,200 tons, and the annual production of solar cell and modules respectively reaches 500MW.

DEC's Solar Energy Industry Chain

  • Emei Semiconductor Material Factory — China’s first semiconductor material production, prototype, research company. Annual production of Polysilicon is up to 2,200 tons.

  • Single crystalline si Production Line 

  • Muti-crystalline Si Production Line

  • Wafer Sawing (0.2-0.3mm)

  • Solar Cells manufacturing plant-equipment for solar cell
  • Solar Module
  • Solar Power Plant

DEC can provide comprehensive EPC solution for the photovoltaic power generation system including the supply of equipment such as solar cell matrix, controller, battery, inverter, AC loads, DC loads sections etc. as well as the construction, installation, testing and commissioning of the entire plant.